One of our resident authors has provided another Affirmations book.

Johnathan Long-Grace, author of 1001 Money Affirmations, has created the second installment in what we all hope to be a series: 1001 Love Affirmations.

John says he plans on writing more 1001 Affirmations for topics such as self-confidence and luck, but has tackled the two main issues he hears people complain about time and time again: Money and Love. John has been practicing the “Law of Attraction” for nearly 20 years and says that, even though he is normally of an analytical mind, he can’t help but be in awe at how well the LOA works for him in his personal life:

“I can’t tell too many people at work that I meditate and use the Law of Attraction. I work as a chemist for a very popular company, and we sort of discredit that sort of ‘magical thinking’ as New Age nonsense, but ever since I tried it for myself, I’ve had an incredible amount of success in my personal life, from finances to personal relationships. I know it’s all about the psychology of being positive, but there are times, when it honestly just seems magical. I try to find explanations for why certain really amazing things happen in my life, and sometimes, there’s just no logical explanation. It’s pretty amazing.”

John says for anyone who has a hard time believing in the Law of Attraction, the best thing to do, “Just try it for 30 days. Honestly, I went in very skeptical myself, but it’s also very illogical to dismiss something without trying it yourself first, so, give yourself a set deadline. ‘If I don’t see results using affirmations in 30 days, then this really isn’t for me.’ If you’re consistent about your affirmations, I guarantee you’ll become a believer.”

We have to agree! John is one of our resident authors at Book Finders and his books fall under the self-help category on the Amazon Kindle Book Store. You can find his two newest e-books online today!

1001 Money Affirmations and 1001 Love Affirmations

Good health and good wealth to everyone!


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