WritingWednesday: Structure of the Novel


WritingWednesday for March 20, 2013: Structure of the Novel

There is no single, perfect way to structure a novel. Every novel has its goals and the goals are served by the novel’s structure as much as the characters and setting. Even those who write without plotting to an outline can appreciate the fact that a novel must have a certain flow of tension to drive the momentum and structure is one of the keys to sustaining urgency. This week in #litchat WritingWednesday we’re discussing several of the most common ways for structuring fiction. Linked below are a few blogs and writing site articles featuring the structure of fiction.

Writer’s Digest: The Four Story Structures That Dominate Novels

Writer’s Digest: Two Pillars of Novel Structure

Daily Writing Tips: How to Structure a Story, the Eight-Point Arc

Storyfix: Story Structure, Just Possibly the Holy Grail of Storytelling

Author Salon: Writing the Six-Act, Two-Goal Novel

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